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Hosting Your Own Cosy Hot Chocolate Tasting Evening

One of the things Matt and I have enjoyed most about starting our business is hosting hot chocolate tasting sessions with groups. We’ve loved getting into deep discussions with testers about notes of flavour, richness of chocolate and texture. And as it turns out, no matter what people’s flavour preferences are, everyone always seem to have a brilliant time.

If you want to host your own, or even just have a bit of a ‘tasting session’ for yourself, here’s how we do it…

1. Preparation

Hot Chocolate
Make sure you have all five of our hot chocolate flake flavours ready to taste. We sell them in a set which is designed exactly for this purpose, and you can buy yours here! One set should be able to provide a small taster of each flavour for up to six people or more.

Check that you’ve got enough in! You can get through it quite quickly in a tasting session! Access to a microwave is ideal for heating your milk, although you can do it in a saucepan on the stove.

We like to use shot glasses for tasting. Anything larger than that and we find people tend to fill up with hot chocolate before we’ve reached the last flavour! You can purchase some really nice ones here

2. Serving

Heat up around 280ml of milk in a measuring jug in the microwave and then stir in your first choice of chocolate flakes. Our secret is we like to make it quite strong for small tasters, so you can get a real sense of the flavour! We usually add four or five heaped tablespoons.

Serve up your hot chocolate into the shot glasses and hand them round. Take time to really analyse the flavour. Then repeat with the others!

3. Scoring

If you want to take it a step further… attached to this blog post is a scorecard sheet for each person tasting. Each flavour can be scored on strength of flavour, texture, strength of chocolatey-ness and the overall appeal to your tastebuds! You can work out a total score, compare together and let us know which you think is your favourite!


Happy tasting everyone – any more questions, suggestions or comments, let us know!


The Cosy Chocolate Company

Hot Chocolate Tasting Session Scorecard



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How to make the perfect hot chocolate

How to make the perfect hot chocolate


We at The Cosy Chocolate Company believe that everyone is different, and therefore every cosy hot chocolate should be made to taste! I like my hot chocolate as close in consistency to melted chocolate as it can be, whereas my husband Matt is a big fan of milk and prefers a gentler flavour hit! But here’s what we do to make a winning hot chocolate…


  1. Heat your milk so it’s hot hot hot!

In order for your Cosy Chocolate flakes to melt into the milk and create that smooth texture, your milk has to be hot, but not boiling. We recommend heating a mug’s worth of milk in a saucepan over the stove, or in the microwave for around 2 minutes. Your milk should be steaming when it comes out!


  1. Heap in your choice of Cosy Chocolate flakes and stir well.

We recommend 3-4 heaped tablespoons of chocolate flakes to 300ml of milk (about a mugful). As you stir, watch the consistency. If you like it closer to the texture of melted chocolate, just heap in some more!


  1. Give it a whisk

We are in love with battery-powered hand whisks (milk frothers)! They are quick and easy to use, and if you give your hot chocolate a whisk at this point, it adds that lovely frothiness and creaminess. Here’s one that we use


  1. Add your toppings

Add some toppings of your choice – and be inventive! You never know what might be a hit. We recommend cream, chocolate drops and mini-marshmallows. You might like to try crystallised ginger, chocolate sprinkles, caramel sauce, sweets or even a little tipple! Another tip is you can always sprinkle some more of the Cosy Chocolate flakes on top, as they are flakes of real chocolate.


  1. Find somewhere cosy, snuggle up and enjoy! 

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Our Story

Hello there! We are The Cosy Chocolate Company, a small food business specialising in the manufacture of chocolate flakes which can be added to milk to make a mean hot chocolate. Our company is headed up by me (Jenny) and my skillful husband, Matt.

Our mutual passion for making chocolate takes its root at the start of getting to know one another, as Matt surprised me on my birthday one year with some home-made chocolate. He had melted down some bars of the big brand stuff and poured it into silicone moulds, and added his own flavourings. It went down a treat (and very quickly disappeared!).

Before long, Matt and I started dreaming up ideas for how we could make our own chocolate, and spent time experimenting with new flavours and shapes. The family quickly got on board and Matt was overwhelmed with chocolate-related equipment, cook-books and advice for his birthdays and christmases!

A few years passed, during which we got engaged, fell in love with a house in a tiny rural village, got real-world jobs and in the summer of 2017, got married! All chocolate-making dreams and plans had been put on hold, but it wasn’t long before Matt was back on the mission and had a breakthrough!

One cold evening, I was curled up by the fire, and Matt was experimenting in the kitchen. I heard a hoot of joy, and in he brought a steaming mug of hot chocolate. We cosied up together and tasted it. The texture was smooth, creamy, and deeply, deeply chocolatey.

Then came months of tweaking, experimenting and adding different flavours. We heckled and inundated our friends with samples, collecting as much feedback as we could before finally coming to land with what we feel are five brilliant recipes, perfect for cosy evenings.

And so here we are, starting our adventure, and hoping to share our delicious home made hot chocolate with the world! We hope you love it as much as we do!

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